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KBL hair advantages

October 08, 2021

6 Outstanding Advantages:                             

Hair Dyeing:Only 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human hair can be dyed and bleached into any colors evenly with no mixed colors or dark strands. KBL hair quality can be dyed or bleached into this result, particulary 613# color evenly(the most difficult bleach color is 613#). After several times dyeing, KBL hair still keep its bouncy and gloss, no nappy and frizzy hair.              

Hair Perming: True virgin hair without process can keep hair waves very well for a long time, and hard to loose its shape. KBL hair can hold curls well, and can be changed into any styles by straighteners or curls. And the hair will restate its original waves after wash.

Over 3 Years Life-span:100% real virgin human hair, you can use over 3 years under good care, durable and reusable.

Hardly Hair Shedding: Except for the machine work to sew the weft head tightly, the consistency of hair material will helpful to avoid shedding. 

Hardly Hair Broke: Unlike some black women's own hair, hair will get loss and broke. KBL ture virgin hair is firm and has good tenacity, which is not easy to broke. Just pick one strand hair to test. 

Hardly Hair Tangling: All hair cuticles are in a same direction, whole and intact, no disorder between hair roots and ends, smooth and original. 

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