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KBL, Only Do High Quality Virgin Human Hair Products!

October 08, 2021

KBL Hair Material Comes Only from Young Girls with Fresh, Bouncy and Natural Hair.

  • 100% Natural Material: We cut one bundle hair only from one donor, then water clean and sew hair material into weaves. No chemical lotions to soften hair cuticles, you can totally feel the hair cuticles when running with your fingers. No harmless to your own hair or scalp, no broke,looks like growing a real head of long human hair.

  • One Direction: All hair we collected are in a same cuticles with their own softness and shiny. Not easy to get broken and tangled, long-lasting glossy, durable and attractive.

  • Consistency: All hair are in the same and consistency on thickness and length. Completely thick and well-proportioned, no any mixed low quality human hair or animal hair.Neat,tidy and full ends.

  • Homogeneity: The whole bundle comes only from one donor, so its color is very close to one color,but not same in all. In fact,the same color are chemical processed by hair dyeing. The whole bundle is harmonious to the skin, natural and good-looking. 

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